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Met these musicians via band meeting internet site. These guys get huge kudos’s because they contributed and believed in something site unseen.

13. Del Francisco – A sweet traditional blues style guitarist.

14. Pete Kittle – (Dr Bass) ( Nothing more can be said about Pete than best bass guitar player you’re ever going to hear thus “Dr Bass’ says it all.

15. Greg Miller (GMiller@PIRNIE.COM) – Pete’s buddy and basically a “Spiritual Guitar Player” You really have no idea how he can play soeffortlessly and creatively thus the “Spiritual Guitar Player”

16. Rich Ballard – ( – Here’s a can I say a very kind man first and muti-talented musician foremost. Rich often tells how when he started in music it was as a soloist and he’s one who is rare in that he can pull off solo act or blend like a camel ion. Great vocalist and plays too many instruments to mention but drummer by nature.

17. Mindy Bradford – A Bass player and vocalist for the band Avon Bomb ( bomb) A must see band and Mindy a must see and meet person one of those musicians whose a credit to the trade and a pleasure just to meet

18. f.c.geil – ( - The low end main man on the bass can also sing and play trombone.

19. Katy Mann – ( – The youngest in age but oldest in soul of our musicians a classical vocalist whose notes can make you tremble. Katy was our star actress in “Same Ol” video and her easy to work with attitude made it all possible.

20. Pat Dayton – Everyone has heard of the movie “The Natural” that’s Pat has only been playing guitar for six years let plays as if he has been playing for twenty plus years. Added to studio in all ways you need someone to add to a studio “Freakin Awesome”

21. Brent Domann – ( A seriously accomplished musician in all aspects of music can play bass, guitar, vocals, excellent song writer and ear for recording nuisances is superior.

22. Chad James – I guess they say “save the best for last” well certainly this is appropriate here. Chad is a straight lead vocalist extraordinaire can sing all styles and has a style completely his alone which is what separates the good vocalist from the great vocalist. On this cd we owe so much to Chad for his talents and his laid back easy to work with approach in studio is priceless.