Inward Outward Upward Studio Jams 1 - Musicians

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Musicians in somewhat chronological order who contributed to making of –
“ Inward Outward Upward Studio Jam’s 1”

1. Stefan Mackey- My brother, my best friend and I may be biased but believe will go down in history as one of the, if not thee greatest “Master Style” oil painter’s of the twentieth century. Stefan doesn’t really technically play any instruments what so ever but when we recorded him on keys or bongo’s the Artistic passion came through stronger than 99% of fully trained musicians. (not actually on album but major impetuous to entire project)

2. Susan Mackey- The true dictionary definition of a musician. Susan is one of those people when playing say the piano there’s something within you that actually becomes part of the music, your soul is touched, the ultimate complement to any musician. (not actually on album but also major impetuous to entire project)

3. Mark Wesley- (Marko) Country/Rock musician and song writer extraordinaire. Mark’s songs come from real life experiences and it really comes through in his songs. Mark’s Song “It’s Gonna Rain” is personally one of my favorites on the Album.

4. Mark Stephen Gardner- (Face Book Mark Gardner) Now here’s one of those guys where he has so much energy and talent brewing inside him he’s constantly in a state of almost exploding. As soulful guitarist who plays guitar like a drum (also phenomenal drummer by the way) with and uncontrollable writing ability. Truly a musical genius if he puts his mind to it. Someone who when is soul was healed was with me every step of the way and truly appreciate you’re Faith and belief on this journey of ours!!!! Thanks Mark!!!!

521A0587 copy5. David Garret – (DJ Baby Boom) ( Ahh yes Baby Boom the ultimate soul man, the crooner of hip, the salsa of sly. David can sing a song where you put lyrics in front of him for first time, reads it, says lets tape, and throws down first take. DJ Baby Boom is the man.

6. David Martin- (Cream Puff or Simply Drummer Dave) A human drum machine with soul. Can play drums with any style, any rhythm, any speed, any time ! Amazing. Another member who was there every step of the way and whose awesome and some would say sick sense of humor made the sometimes pressures of recording fun and enjoyable! Thanks Dave!!

7. Jake Shotrosky – The most all around musically talented of anyone involved in project. Jake can play several instruments superbly, guitar, bass, drums, trombone, trumpet, piano, just to name a few. Also an excellent song writer and back up vocalist. What can you say about Jake but keep it up you’re going places.(also bass player for QPN)

8. Quarter Past Never – Best band I’ve heard in ages. Its lead singer Bobby Jimenez ( - can flat out sing the lights out. Should be and most likely will behousehold name.

9. Cam ( – young rhythm guitarist with more potential in his pinky than most guitarists has in a life time.

10. Mitch Foster – (Piano Man) I truly believe Mitch may be the only “Humble Genius” I’ve ever known. Some sort physicist by trade. Mitch is our spice, sugar coating, that little extra touch to a song that makes it complete. (web designer of IOU web site)

11. Teryn Gasper – (Face Book Teryn Gasper) What can you say without question the potential star of album!! Her vocal style is not only unique and Angel like beauty but her inner self is equal to her outward vocal stardom!!

12. Rafael – The international light to the world. If all humans on this earth could have a tenth the passion and energy of Rafael are world would be without problems, and his Sacred Grandfather’s acoustic guitar playing comes across as an outlet for his love for life and others!!