At IOU Studio’s we feel that we have a very new, exciting and adventuresome approach to the world of Art.

Basically we have various amazingly talented and humble artists who work collaboratively on all sorts of artistic projects whether it's music, video, literature, painting, to name a few. Then we utilize you, the audience, for feedback and support to help achieve and promote these various artistic projects which then can be raw and original and without corporate influence.

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Stefan Mackey, master-style oil painter, lives in New York City working at the Art Students League. Visit his new site by clicking here



Our photography studio is led by Erik Mackey – a professional photographer in Michigan. 


Gudmundina Haflidason, the daughter of an Icelandic Sea Captain, is just one of our inspirations as writers.


Enjoy some of the finest musicians and classic song writers expressing all of lifes rawest feelings of survival and triumphs through the creative process of song writing and recording from start to finish .